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Suga Plum Bodycare

4 Piece Hydrating & Moisture Complete System

4 Piece Hydrating & Moisture Complete System

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This 4-piece system uses advanced moisture-binding technology to keep skin hydrated and looking good for hours. Its unique blend of advanced ingredients helps to keep skin plump and fresh all day long.

Great for: Dry Normal-Sensitive Skin

This powerful 4-piece set helps keep dry skin hydrated and moisturized. 

 4 oz Rose Hyaluronic Cleanser: Provides a refreshing and hydrating cleansing feel.  

1 oz Rose Hyaluronic Acid Serum:  Moisturize and Smooth out fine lines and plump the skin giving a youthful appearance.  Great for teens to mature skin. 

2 oz Intense Hydrating Moisturizer: Leaves dry skin looking smooth and hydrated all day 

4 oz Balancing Hydrating Toner: Revive stress skin with antioxidant.  Calming plus soothing, balances oiliness and reduce acne. Antioxidants in green tea protects your skin from premature skin aging.

How to use:

Cleanse skin well.  Leave skin damp then apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum lastly apply Intense Hydrating Moisturizer and seal with Superfruit oil.  Toner can be used 2-3 per week after cleansing.

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